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How does a Rubik's Cube work?

A Rubik's cube has six faces, each covered by nine stickers of different colours. Each face can rotate independently of the others, so any arrangement of the colours on all sides can be achieved by twisting and flipping it. The object is to return all faces to one colour scheme – for example green and orange on one side, blue and yellow on another side and so forth.

Here are other fun puzzle games you can try.


This game requires you to use both hands and two sets of eyes at once. Each player has two pieces that look like metal puzzle pieces with holes in them — players must match up their pieces so that their holes line up with those on their opponent's pieces. It sounds easy enough, but it gets tricky fast!


Tangram is another classic puzzle game that dates back hundreds of years. In this game, players must arrange seven shapes into a specific pattern on their board before their opponent does the same thing with their own set of seven shapes (which are different from those used by the other player). This may sound simple enough, but it gets harder when there are only four or five pieces left on each player's board!


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